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New York Public Library

    • New York Public Library (NYPL) was faced with the challenge of catering to the increasingly multimedia-centric senses of today's youth, without adding noise or distraction to the quiet library. Several Audio Spotlight speakers were installed over an open-air media center, right in the middle of their Hamilton Grange Teen Center location. Their young patrons can now watch movies or rock the afternoon away to Garage Band on the Wii together, while others study peacefully, and quietly, just outside the isolated Audio Spotlight sound eld.

New York Public Library: SIB Branch

      • At their Science, Industry and Business branch, NYPL installed a set of video screens to display a wide variety of news sources from around the world. Because of noise concerns, the original specification called for no sound at all, but Audio Spotlight technology allowed them to provide all the sound they needed, while maintaining the quiet.

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City of Mississauga Library

      • Ontario’s City of Mississauga Library was able to add a TV right next to the reading area in the graphic novel section of their facility. Audio Spotlight systems provided sound for those interested in viewing the programming, while it remained quiet enough to read only a few feet away.


Vanderbilt Medical Center

    • Responding to an increasing demand for chemotherapy services, The Vanderbilt Medical Center added a new clinic consisting of nearly 100 beds to their cancer center, with a unique new approach to the patient experience. Planning and development for the clinic occurred over two years, allowing the careful selection of room colors, furniture, and entertainment for patients, including flat screen televisions in each room. This desirable addition also created the problem of noise bleeding throughout the center, distracting staff and troubling patients, whom they were trying to put at ease. After careful consideration, Vanderbilt found the Audio Spotlight system to be the best solution for providing sound to their patients, without the noise problems associated with traditional loudspeakers, or other "directional" audio systems. The Audio Spotlight systems have been praised by patients and staff alike, and Vanderbilt plans on continuing to use them as they expand their facilities.