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  • Push the limits of traditional marketing.
  • Incorporate sound where previously not possible.
  • Keep your projects on the cutting edge.

Notable Customers

  • Nokia
  • BlueBlastMedia
  • Target
  • A&E
  • Remy Martin
  • CourtTV

Featured Installations

  • Nokia's Billboard
    On the crowded streets of Amsterdam, one advertisement stands out among the rest, not only due to its enormous size, but also the incorporation of directional sound via Audio Spotlight technology. In a campaign designed by blowUP media, a giant poster advertising Nokia's latest music phone is complemented by targeted music and messages. The targeted sound helps to further associate the phone as a music player, while also drawing more attention from crowds and increasing the effectiveness of the message.

    Photo credit: for blowUP media Benelux BV Netherlands

  • Remy Martin Billboard
    Breaking the boundaries of traditional billboards, Remy Martin's latest outdoor advertising campaign grabs consumer attention with Audio Spotlight systems. Technology integrator BlueBlastMedia, in conjunction with National Media Services, incorporated the Audio Spotlight Systems into the Remy Martin photo montages that are projected on the sides of buildings throughout Chicago, L.A., NYC and Atlanta. The billboards are part of Remy Martin's new "things are getting interesting" campaign that promotes its line of cognacs. More info...
    View a video of the installation.

  • A&E Billboard
    Until now, adding sound to billboards was not an option because of obvious noise problems; nearby neighbors and businesses would not tolerate continuous noise from roof-mounted loudspeakers. With the Audio Spotlight technology, sound can be targeted to a specific area, and provide audio just to this small region – all the way from a rooftop. JP Freeley of BlueBlastMedia has applied this method to a billboard in Manhattan for A&E's new television series "Paranormal State." A pair of Audio Spotlight systems mounted above the billboard project sound down onto a targeted area of the sidewalk – from seven stories up! The projected sound is a women's whispering voice that startles and entertains passersby. Their attention is drawn directly to the billboard itself. Meanwhile, quiet is preserved for all of the neighbors. More info...
    View a video of the installation.

  • Target Billboard
    To promote "Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art," part of its First Saturdays series at the Brooklyn Museum, retailer Target employed Audio Spotlight technology to play Caribbean-themed music for people who walked by the red and white billboards. The goal was to increase people's engagement with the billboard, which invited them to a free evening of art and entertainment. BlueBlastMedia installed a pair of Audio Spotlight systems in each of the three billboards in the Brooklyn, NY area around the museum. The systems beamed music only to those within the targeted area while others outside of the beam remained completely unaffected. The billboard was able to effectively capture the attention of the consumer while maintaining quiet for nearby homes and businesses. View a video of the installation.

    *Holosonics works closely with BlueBlastMedia to support their innovative marketing campaigns.